925 silver infinity earring with zirconia – single size 820114




Infinity earring studded with 36 1.0 mm zirconia (pair).
med. 1.20 cm x 0.90 cm.
Material 925 solid silver
Feminine gender
Age group Adult
Zirconia Composition
Romantic Theme
925 Silver Eternally Collection Collection
Concept For this new flight of the butterfly, Romanel delved into the history and traditions of jewelry. With an eye to the future and a heart for the feelings that bring us security and comfort, she developed this line that expresses the belief in a better future, a future that we want to be perfect.
jewelry for women and men as noble as silver, noble in soul, in feelings, in emotions. people who value moments and above all the people around them.
the best silver jewelry, elegant and
Small Style
Color white
Infinite Format
Category Earrings


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