Gold box chain – 42cm 531310





Description: rommanel presents the power to transform, an annual collection that reinforces your purpose and celebrates rommanel’s 35th birthday. with jewelry that tells a story and translates rommanel’s essence, the collection brings you pieces full of meaning. gold box chain measuring 42cm.

| size: 42cm.
| material: 18k gold plated.

Products 18k gold plated
Genre Women
Age group Adult
Theme Basics
Collection Chains collection
Concept To ensure the quality of our 18k gold plated jewelry, rommanel uses an electroplating technique in its production process – which gives the jewelry a similar finish to that of solid gold as well as a longer durability. all our pieces are nickel free and lead free, which means they will not trigger allergic dermatitis, a reaction that causes itching and redness on the skin. the amount of gold, associated with high technology and craftsmanship, ensures that the quality of rommanel’s jewelry is higher than the average on the market. each piece of jewelry receives three layers of gold and undergoes thorough analysis to meet our quality standard.
Style Chain slim
Format Sea element
Category Necklaces and chains


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