Gold dangly pearl ring size 20 512857





Our capsule collection, beach collection, is full of pieces that are full of inspiration from the beach! from seashells to star fishes, this collection has something for everyone. pieces with pearls add a sophisticated touch while unique designs bring modernity to the collection. gold skinny ring composed of one (1) synthetic pearl measuring 8mm and one (1) synthetic pearl measuring 7mm.

Material: 18k gold plated.

(licensed jewelry capsule collection gio antonelli 4th edition)

Products: 18k gold plated

Genre: Women

Age group: Adult

Composition: Pearl

Theme: Modern

Collection: Giovanna antonelli collection

Concept: Gio antonelli by rommanel brings modern and current jewelry, always connected with world fashion.

Style: Skinny ring

Color: Pearl

Category: Rings


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