Gold elegant night engagement ring Pink size 20 512902




Description: Rommanel’s 2024 collection, colors of life, shows us that every color takes us to a special moment, memory, feeling, or experience in our life. by putting all those colors together, we have an amazing understanding and experience of life. in our collection’s subcategoy, elegant night, you will find stunnign jewelry for those special moments where you need a touch of elegance. gold thin engagement ring studded with thirty (30) white cubic zirconia measuring 0.8mm each and one (1) dark blue cubic zirconia measuring 3mm at the center.

Material: 18k gold plated, also available in rhodium.

(licensed jewelry collection 2020 – 1st cycle)

Products: 18k gold plated

Genre: Women

Age group: Adult

Composition: ZircĂ´nia

Theme: Classics with stone

Collection: Rommanel permanent line

Concept: The rommanel permanent collection brings traditional jewels, which are independent of fashion to be up-to-date! the three gold baths ensure that rommanel jewels are satisfying and have a finish similar to solid gold. this differential means that wedding rings, rings and other models have a guaranteed place.

Style: Solitary

Color: Pink

Format: Sea element

Category: Rings


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