Gold maxi hoops 526589





Rommanel introduces its newest colletion: roots, a jewelry line that expresses the essence and origins of brazilian artist duo simone & simaria. divided into three subcollections: our essence, simone’s favorites, and simaria’s favorites, the collection brings pieces that evoke faith, gratitude, family and the love for music. gold maxi hoops with a wave design and five (5) white zirconias measuring 2mm each.

Size: 6cm in diameter.

Material: 18k gold plated.

(licensed jewelry collection simone & simaria 1st edition)

Products: 18k gold plated

Genre: Women

Age group: Adult

Composition ZircĂ´nia

Theme: Modern

Collection: Simone and simaria collection

Concept: A line that imprints the essence and origins of the singers on each veneered jewel.

Style: Hoop

Color: White

Format: Waves

Category: Earrings


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