Gold power of red earrings kit 527189





Gold earrings kit composed of three pairs of earrings studded by 6 red crystals measuring 3mm, 4mm and 5mm.
size: 0.12in x 0.12in/ 0.16in x 0.16in/ 0.2in x 0.2in.
Products 18k gold plated
Genre Women
Age group Adult
Composition Crystal
Theme Classics with stone
Collection Collection celebrate
Concept Celebrate with style and sparkle this festive season. the end of year festivities times to celebrate, unite with loved ones and be grateful. think, reflect, smile, hug, celebrate, toast and be happy. in the 365 days of the year we are gifted by god with the ability to exist. since we’re here, let’s celebrate! the rommanel captures the essence of these magical moments in life and transforms them into stunning jewelry that radiates sophistication. the collection offers versatile options that adapt to any occasion.
Style Double/triple
Color Pink
Category Earrings


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